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Tim Holtz

Tim Holtz Etcetera Thickboard - Decorative Trims - Pinked - 30 Pieces

Tim Holtz Etcetera Thickboard - Decorative Trims - Pinked - 30 Pieces

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Decorative Trims, Pinked - Etcetera Thickboard Shapes ... by Tim Holtz and Stampers Anonymous. 3 (three) different lengths in 2 (two) different widths (5 of each size). Strips with straight edges and a zigzag edge, 30 pieces in total, each 4", 5" and 6" long (10 of each).

Tim Holtz Etcetera decorative trims are artful things for curious minds!

This pack contains 3 different sized lengths of decorative strips made of thickboard, the Earth brown thick durable Etcetera artboard also seen as tags and cathedral window shapes (also available, sold separately).

Perfect for mixed media, visual arts, dioramas, display masterpieces, to make windows, frames, box tops, doorways, steps, edges of boxes and more.

Each piece is approx 2-3mm thick and includes the sheet around the cut out shapes, giving you extra scrap pieces to use.

Tim Holtz Etcetera Thickboard is a kraft brown hardboard substrate, a 2-3mm thick wood-like material used for mixed media. Etcetera tags are made with compressed paper, made to have the look and feel of mdf or craftwood.

It is strong, sturdy and solid with a matte smooth finish on both sides, perfect for unique gifts, home decor, dioramas, gift tags, wallart, frames. Create with all your favourite techniques - collage, altering, embellishing, sanding, sawing, painting, woodworking, anything!  

Trim sizes : ten of 4" trims, ten of 5" trims, ten of 6" trims  - 5 wide and 5 narrow in each length.

Pack contents : 5 sheets of precut trims, with each sheet holding 6 pieces in various lengths, giving you 5 of each different trim shape and size.

Designed by Tim Holtz, made by Stampers Anonymous.

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