Tim Holtz Guillotine Trimmer - Deckle - PreOrder March

Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios


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Deckle Blade Guillotine Trimmer - by Tim Holtz and Tonic Studio - with a unique blade and comfort Kushgrip handle. For use with paper and cardstock.

A guillotine style trimmer with a rugged deckle cut blade - to give rugged torn edges to your paper and cardboard.

PreOrder Info ... update 14 Jan 2021 - these groovy Deckle Trimmers were arriving next week and now its not going to happen until March. I can feel your disappointment from here - but its one of those things where covid is interfering once again.
They'll be delivered one day thank goodness ... so feel free to buy in advance but please be aware that 2 months feels like a long time when waiting! Either preorder, watch this space, add to your wishlist or ask to be notified - whichever you wish. 
Thanks so much for your patience!

The title or name of this product will change and this description will be updated whenever I get news or if there are delays. Thank you for waiting with me! Sing out if you have questions :) Jenny.

The following information will be updated once more is known...

Made by Tonic Studio with precision ground, ultra sharp blade, this strong trimmer is built to last. With its measurements on the baseboard in metric and imperial, this cutting tool is perfect for any of your papercraft and cardmaking projects.

The tim Holtz Guillotine is black with grey, soft cushioned "Kushgrip" handle on the trimming arm to give a comfortable grip for hours of use and less fatigue. The blade is decked and very sharp to give clean rugged torn-like cuts every time.

The measurements start at the cut edge, its not marked right to the edge near the blade but if you're cutting up anything larger than 1.5cm, you'll find it accurate and straight.
The grid marked on the baseboard has popular measurements marked as well, the lines are in .25" increments.
The working space on the baseboard is 8 3/4" x 6 5/8" (but you can go longer than 6 5/8" because there is no ridge on the left hand side. There is a 1.5mm raised guide at the top and bottom edge of the baseboard, next to the rulers.

Features ...
- use for paper and cardstock.
- 6" (15cm) ruler on top and bottom edge of the base
- measurements in both inches and centimetres.
- etched 1/4" grid pattern is marked over the surface of the base.
- guides are along the top and bottom of the base for easy paper alignment.
- clear paper guard to protect fingers and help prevent paper movement while in use.

Care instructions ...
- Blades can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
- Always dry thoroughly after washing.
- Be careful when washing and drying your trimmer blades!
- Do not immerse this product in water.
- Store in a cool dry place.
... its a steel blade, so beware of it rusting if you live in a humid environment. If does rust, don't fret! Steel is able to be cleaned off easily with super fine sandpaper :)

Package info : this 22cm x 35cm x 6.5cm box contains one 8.5" (22cm) guillotine style trimmer.

WARNING: May contain items with sharp edges. Handle with care. Cutting Hazard, extremely sharp blades. Contact may result in injury. Always keep blades away from fingers and body. Handle with Care. Keep out of reach of children ... (this warning is stating the obvious but is important to be said).