Tim Holtz Idea-Ology - Metal Fasteners - Game Spinners - 24 Pieces

Tim Holtz


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Gamer Spinners - Idea-Ology by Tim Holtz ... Metal arrows used as decorative ornaments. 24 (twenty four) arrows or pointers with a centre fastening.

This pack of 24 spinners (arrows with a centre hole for attaching and spinning) and 24 fasteners (brads) are embellishments that can be used in arts and crafts to spin for amusement or to denote a certain direction or time.

Easy to alter and add colour using Distress inks, markers or alcohol inks. Glue in place or attach using the included brads.

Created for Tim Holtz, these ornamental pieces can be added to board games, greeting cards, mixed media art, artwork and other projects. Great for a weather vane or spinning dial.

Pack contains 48 pieces:
- 24 arrows with pre-drilled holes
... sizes range in length: 20mm, 25mm, 38mm, 57mm - 6 of each size.
- 24 brad fasteners