Tim Holtz Idea-Ology - Resin - Wishbones - 15 Bones in 1 Corked Jar

Tim Holtz


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Wishbones - by Tim Holtz Idea-Ology - Miniature resin bones in a glass corked jar to use for visual arts, mixed media, assemblage projects, off-the-page marvels and party decor. Pack of 15 (fifteen) wishbones (1" long) in one corked glass jar approx 2" (5cm) tall.

Wishbones are beautifully made in a pliable white speckled resin, ready for altering however you wish. They're stored in a little glass jar with their label "wishes". Tie around with twine, ribbon, string or tinsel to give with a Birthday card, mixed media tag or anything else you're making for a loved one.

Add to your project, off-the-page marvel, canvas or other artistic creation and attach using trimmings or collage medium. Alter the glass or resin using inks, stains, alcohol inks, Distress crayons or paints.

Perfect for artwork featuring Christmas, halloween themed art, window boxes, Vignette trays, book covers, sculptured makes of all kinds.

Pack of 15 (fifteen) wishbones (each 1" long) in one corked glass jar approx 2" (5cm) tall.

Designed by Tim Holtz as part of his Idea-Ology range. Made by Advantus Corp.