Tim Holtz Distress and Alcohol Ink Tool - Paint Palette with Lid

Tim Holtz - Distress


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Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Paint Palette ... for storing your favourite colours of Alcohol Inks, watercolour paints, Distress Inks and more. Holds up to 36 colours. This item 

This plastic paint palette features a white base with 36 individual compartments (ink wells) that can be customised with favourite paints and inks. The hinged lid is clear so you can see what colours you've got. Stores flat for convenient storage.

Perfect for inks, watercolour paints and alcohol inks that can be reactivated if they dry out. If using other kinds of inks or mediums that do not dry out, simply store flat :)

While the paint palette is not air tight (so not ideal for travel if you're storing mediums that do not dry out), it is fantastic for storing any mediums that dry out but are rewetabble (totally a real word) like alcohol inks and watercolour paints, drops of Ink Spray, ink pad refills (reinkers), inks, watercolour crayons. 

Store flat if using for liquids like inks that remain in liquid form (lid up, face up, horizontal). Once any liquid mediums like Reinkers, Watercolours or Alcohol Inks are dry (those that can be rewet with solution or water), store however you wish. To use your dried up watercolour paints and inks, simply wet a paint brush with water, Ink Refresher, a fluid medium or if using alcohol inks, use a solvent solution, clear blending pen or blending fluid.

Ideal to use with blending pens, paint brushes, small blending tools, waterbrush or aquabrush, sponge tips and more (all sold separately).

Use as a mixing palette or storage solution.

Pack includes ...
- 1 (one) empty white palette with a clear hinged lid.
- Size: 7 3/8" x 7 1/2" (plus a tab at the top).
- 36 round spaces or compartments, each is 1" wide.
- Each ink well is approximately 2mm deep.