Tim Holtz Layering Mini Stencil - Set 03 - Typo Splatters Bricked

Tim Holtz


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Typo - Splatters - Bricked ... these Tim Holtz layering stencils are the miniature sized versions of the same name. Typo is the grunge alphabet (numerals and letters), Splatters is based upon stains, water rings and splashes, Bricked is a brick wall built using old crumbly bricks.

Create layers of colour, texture and add interest to backgrounds and shapes. Suitable for a wide variety of art supplies including paints, markers, gesso, texture and embossing pastes, gel mediums and more.

A great size stencil for using on varied sizes of art - from ATCs and cards to large canvas masterpieces (and everything inbetween).

Designed by Tim Holtz and made by Stampers Anonymous. The simple tag shape makes it easy to organise, find the one you want when stored using a ring clip or length of ribbon threaded through the hole.

Each stencil is approx 3 1/8" x 6 1/8". Set of 3.