Tim Holtz Layering Stencil - Moon Mask Set - 6 Pieces

Tim Holtz


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Moons - Tim Holtz Layering Mask and Stencil Set ... mixed media and visual arts shapes for adding pattern and layers using your favourite mediums. Set includes 6 (six) round pieces - 2 (two) designs (solid and cutout) in 3 (three) sizes 56mm, 75mm and 94mm wide. 

Layering Moon Masks are round art stencils designed by Tim Holtz inspired by our wonderful Moon. When layered over and under each other, you can create interesting patterns, depth and textures. The moons have similar designs for the 3 different sizes of small, medium and large. They can be used together or separately, however you wish.

Sizes are (approx) : 56mm (2 1/4"), 75mm (3") and 94mm (3 3/4") wide.
Each size is made up of 2 (two) pieces, a solid mask and a round stencil.
Being an organic pattern, the open cut moon layering stencil is perfect for all kinds of uses where you'd like a splash of ink, toned areas or bit of grunge!

Layering Moon Masks are versatile for all sized artworks from large canvases to small ATCs, cards and journals. Its always nice to have your moons with you, and they fit beautifully inside the front pocket of a small journal and in the Dylusions Dyalog clear pouch - durable enough to pop inside a pencil case too but I prefer to keep mine flat. 

Create layers of colour and texture using this stencil with a wide variety of art supplies - paints, pastels, markers, pencils, gesso, texture paste, mediums and other art and craft materials.

Tim Holtz Layering Stencils are made of a creamy coloured, fine (thin), semi-translucent plastic. Stencils are fantastic versatile tools that are easy to use.

A few ideas ...
- use a foam ink blending tool to apply your paint or ink through the stencil's design onto the area required.
- use blending brush (the silver retractable one) with the bristles loose for wide soft blends, then to add definition or darker areas, slide the lid to keep the bristles compact. Great for soft blended look, like airbrushing.
- Airbrushing looks great however it is done, whether with a hand blower and marker or professional setup. 
- For best results whenever you're layering multiple colours, make sure each and every layer is dry before adding more. Unless you are blending wet on wet for that blended marbled effect. 
- Trace in and around the design with a pencil or pen, or place a sheet of paper over the stencil and rub over with a crayon or pencil.
- Moon masks are perfect for moons, planets and using to create texture and interest on a background or within other shapes.

Let your heart and imagination guide your art as you enjoy the creative process!

Designed by Tim Holtz and made by Stampers Anonymous. THSMK01

Pack contains 6 (six) round stencils.