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Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios

Tim Holtz Scissors - Recoil Snips - Large 9.5in - NEW!

Tim Holtz Scissors - Recoil Snips - Large 9.5in - NEW!

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Recoil Snips, 9.5" Scissors - by Tim Holtz and Tonic Studios ... Titanium-coated, double-bevelled, straight, strong, smooth (non serrated) and very sharp blades with customisable spring tension to provide a smooth precise cutting experience for both left and right handed crafters.

A fusion of ingenuity plus innovation, Tim Holtz Recoil Scissors have features specifically designed for the maker (creators, crafters, artists). Tim's 9.5" Recoil Scissors (sometimes called snips or shears) has 2 easy-change tension springs and comfort handles that can be adjusted to suit your grip, giving you a personalised and effortless experience with unparalleled control.

These scissors are ergonomic to hold, they are large but are light, and don't feel big in my little hand, and because of the lovely ergonomic rubbery Kushgrip handles, they don't slip out of my hand. I find them simple to use :)

Like the little Recoil Scissors (snips), the spring isn't so strong that it forces your hand open, it merely helps open the handles/blades so you can concentrate on what you're cutting rather than what the blades are doing. The blades are very sharp, smooth, straight and durable with a rounded tip. These cut well using both the right and left hands too (although I'm a bit crooked with my left! lol). 

These very sharp scissors come with a sheath (plastic cap) for blade protection and safe handling.

The basic dimensions are:
- 9.5" long from end to tip
- 2 3/4" wide across the handles (closed)
- 3 1/4" blade cutting length

Package contains 1 (one) pair of 9.5 inch Recoil Scissors with black handles and protective cover.

Designed by Tim Holtz, made by Tonic Studios.

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