Tim Holtz Non-Stick Titanium Shears - Large Scissors - 9.5 inch

Tim Holtz Tonic Studios


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This is the biggest version of the original "Tim Scissors", a pair of haberdashery shears (aka sewing scissors) that are strong, sharp, non-stick, micro serrated scissors and endorsed by Tim Holtz, made by Tonic Studios.

High quality, versatile, duo-tipped feature (one micro serrated blade and one fine point sharp tip blade) make these excellent scissors for cutting on all types of papers, cards, fabrics and materials including fine tin foil, sheet rubber and grungeboard.

Tim uses these scissors for cutting nearly everything!

Being large (similar size to dressmaking and sewing scissors), they're also great for cutting quilting shapes that require long straight lines. Long blades are always better for cutting straight lines. Use everywhere and anywhere you go - craft room, office, school, studio for general use, crafts, scrapbooking and any other art and craft projects.

Features soft cushion handles to give a comfortable grip for hours of use and less fatigue. Non-stick coating means no build up of adhesive or other mediums but when something does attach itself, it wipes off easily. The scissors come with a sheath (plastic cap) for blade protection and safe handling.

The scissors' dimensions are:
- 24cm (9.5 inches) long from end to tip
- 9cm wide across the handles
- 23mm x 70mm inside each handle
- 12cm blades (approx)