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Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios

Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios - Precision Trimmer - 12.5in Cutting Length

Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios - Precision Trimmer - 12.5in Cutting Length

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Precision Trimmer - by Tim Holtz ... Experience the unmatched quality of Tim Holtz® Tools made by Tonic Studios. Sliding style cutting and scoring tool with sharp blades, fine scorer and flip up cutter guide. Box contains 1 (one) trimmer, 2 (two) cutting blades, 1 (one) scoring blade). 

Please Note ... this item is quite large however, as it is not heavy you won't need a forklift to pick it up from the Post Office or your letter box :) lol Don't forget we give you FREE standard delivery for orders of $85 or more Australia wide :)

Designed for cardmakers, scrapbookers and papercrafters, the Tim Holtz Tonic Precision Trimmer has a 12.5in working length with extendable guides, precise sharp blades and fine scoring blade. The sharp blades cuts cleanly and quickly, single sheets of paper and cardstock while the scoring blade presses into the cardstock with fine markings, all while using the guides and detailed measurements to give precise results.

To use, simply flip up the guide to place your sheet of paper or cardstock, then while holding firm, slide the blade down the guide to cut. 

The trimmer includes both imperial and metric measurements (inches, centimetres, millimetres) on the base guides and trimmer sliding guide plus has useful quarter inch gridlines marked into the base. 

Tonic Studios is a leading provider of quality trimmers, offering precision and reliability. This large yet compact, easy to use, portable, practical trimmer has a cutting length of 12.5” (31.5cm) and extendable arms that can expand the width to 12” (30.5cm).

Experience the unmatched quality and innovative design of Tim Holtz® tools brought to you in collaboration with Tonic Studios' engineering expertise.

Spare blades and scoring blades are also available, sold separately.

Box contains 1 (one) trimmer, 2 (two) cutting blades, 1 (one) scoring blade). 
Package size : big.

WARNING: Does contain items with sharp edges. Handle with care. Cutting Hazard, extremely sharp blades. Contact may result in injury. Always keep blades away from fingers and body. Keep out of reach of children ... (this warning is stating the obvious but is important to be said)

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