April May 2022 - New Tim and Dylusions - Diddy Stamps and Dyalog Stencils

April May 2022 - New Tim and Dylusions - Diddy Stamps and Dyalog Stencils


Glow in the Dark Embossing Powder ... Puffy "Dimensional Puff" Embossing Powder ... Neon Embossing Powder! How awesome! What's not to love?

I couldn't resist trying the glow in the dark the moment the box was opened - held up the jar to my light (fluro light) for a minute and then flicked off the light - it glowed beautifully. Just like the glow in the dark stickers, paints and crayons I've had over the years. Love it. Its an instant fave :) I imagine the Puffy will be just as fantastic :D Excited much? I love new treasures.

Will have a go using all these new wonders on the weekend. I've put them all in the "What's New" collection for you to find :)

Hope you're happy and well, finding at least 5 minutes each day for being creative, even if simply using a die cutting machine to cut and emboss dozens of flowers for another day's play. Dyan's news first though :)

Dyan Reaveley Dylusions in a screenshot from her Facebook page - announcing the new Diddy Stamps and Dyalog StencilsAbove photo - Dyan Reaveley in a screenshot from Facebook announcing the new Dylusions Diddy Stamps and Dyalog Stencils. I've shared the video to my FB page too. Doesn't she look happy and well :D

Dyan Arty News ... Brand new designs were released in the past few weeks - Ledger Journal, 6 Stencils (small and large), set of Paint Brushes (with Bubblegum Pink handles),  3 sets of Dyalog Stencils and 6 Diddy Stamps for planners, journals, calendars and diaries. Also perfect for cardmaking and scrapbooking too.

See all of Dyan's treasures on the Dylusions Shelf :)

I love Dyan's designs :) They create smiles while rummaging through the stash looking to see what to use (or looking for funny quotes or something silly) as well as while using to create art. We get an extra bonus smile afterwards too, if we show it to someone - even if they don't like what we make, they still smile and say it looks "interesting" or "different"! ha ha ha Who cares, it feels awesome to create and simply must be done every day, even if simply scribbling in a corner of the book to see if a pen works...! Its all good.

On Dyan's shelves of Dylusions, you'll find wonderfully thin black and white washi tape, wonderful tea time and character stamps, the bestest Hat ever (Mad Hatter would love it too), candy canes, cups and saucers, tea pots (ahem, coffee pots!), lollypops, borders, dolly heads, cakes and other most excellent illustrations for us to simply stamp and colour in, or add to journals, Dyalogs (planners), cards, mixed media, books and collage masterpieces! Fun for everyone every day :)

While we wait for more new arty treasures your current favourites and make something crafty!

I'm loving the beautiful Impresslit Gerbera designed by Kath Breen for Sizzix. Its about 2" in size and being a 3D design, the embossing is full of amazing detail. I cut mine out of Tim's watercolour paper after misting it first with a spritz of water. The water helps ensure the embossing isn't flattened when I pop them in parcels or attach to cards.

Sizzix Kath Breen 3D Impresslit Gerbera with examples cut out of watercolour paperThe above photo is the Sizzix Kath Breen 3D Impresslit Gerbera with examples I've cut out of the Tim Holtz Distress Watercolour Paper.

Tim Arty News ... Everything has now arrived - except the very handy sticky Tonic Studio Media Grip Mat which will be here late May or June.

The NEW! Tim Holtz and Sizzix ... Storage Binder, Tool Case, Envelopes for storing Embossing Folders, and Binder Adapter Strips have arrived! The Storage Binder and Tool Case look and feel fantastic :) The Binder is 3" wide to store quite a few sets. The Tool Case is fully lined and beautifully made.

Its awesome to see the Curio Clock in real life. Its made of thin strong metal and has a beautiful black matte finish. It has a removable back, open front and a lovely silver coloured frame around the front. Its a similar size to the original Tim Assemblage Clock (which is still available, sold separately) so they'll look fantastic together on a mantlepiece or bookcase. Or on your craft table waiting for their turn to be altered :)

Photo from Tim Holtz dot com showing new jar of Collage Matte Medium with Idea-ology, Distress Brush and Distress CrayonsPhoto above is from TimHoltz.com showing the new jar of Collage Matte Gel Medium with Idea-ology Paper Dolls, Flashcards, a Distress Brush and beautiful colours of Distress Crayons.

The new Distress Mini Ink Pads (set 17) looks beautiful with the 4 newest colours together. Have you seen the new labels for the Distress mediums and textures? The new jars are much easier to read than the older labels, no need for a magnifying glass to read them anymore! Loving having all the info on the lid too :)
We still have some originally labelled jars on the shelf, less than a month old because I just restocked! lol :) The textures and mediums inside each jar are exactly the same plus I've given them all new labels for their lids, so you can see at a glance the finish and other details of each medium.

I also made some lid labels for the two Ranger 3D Transparent Texture Pastes too, both Gloss and Matte. Hopefully Ranger won't mind me doing this for you, but these new lid labels are fantastic!

The rebranded jars of textures and mediums will be dispatched after the original ones are sold out. The Mica Flakes and other new jars are ready for their new craft homes :)
With the Distress Collage Matte Medium, we now have 3 sizes in stock - larger 113ml jar, 59ml bottle with fine nozzle and the new 88ml jar. Same versatile glue and sealer in each :) 

Tim and Ranger's new Distress colour, a beautiful peachy pink called "Saltwater Taffy", is proving to be one of the favourites as it seems to mix and match with any colour at all, even reds and greens. Looks amazing with Crackling Campfire and Villainous Potion!

New Strathmore ... Canvas Panels! Triple primed fine weave canvas on 3-4mm board, in 5 different sizes. Perfect for painting, mixed media, paint pouring, alcohol ink playing, sculpture, make artwork for walls or prop up on a window ledge, make a board book or junk journal, use to make covers for a journal. No rules, enjoy the journey of art!

Pink Ink Designs Arty Update - Speaking of arty goodness, Pink Ink Designs have delivered stamp designs featuring very cool koalas, kangaroos and warthogs! Plus last week they also released 3 more gorgeous new friends and little jars of shimmery watercolour paint/ink!
... I will try again to get them all online so you can actually see what we have on the shelf for this beautiful versatile collection of stamps. Watch the shop Pink Ink Designs shelf for updates :)

Update for Pink Ink Designs ... newest stamps are now online! Quite a few to go but we'll get there, one set at a time. Just realised the gorgeous fairy and mouse stamps from January are yet to go online! We have far more on the Pink Ink Designs shelf in our shop that we do on the website, therefore if you cannot find what you need, please ask! It is sure to be here :) 

Click this link to see the Pink Ink Designs Collection!

Darkroom Door Arty Update ... Darkroom Door's awesome designs of stamps and stencils have been restocked, selling fast but being local its easy to get more so don't worry if your favourite runs out :) So many amazing designs to choose from there are!
Check out Darkroom Door's blog for amazing inspiration by their creative team. So clever the ideas they dream up. Today my faves are the scribbly round flowery set, background waves design, the fabulous Arty Pods and those Abstract Art Stamps! Love the abstract stamps :) I know, I say it all the time "I love...", can't be helped, love it all :D

Almost forgot the hands ... aren't they so totally adorable?

Its a pleasure to have people like you to share my love of art with too! Thank you :)

Have a wonderfully arty crafty Happy day!


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