Arty News for Aug and Sept 2022 - Halloween Treasures

Happy Arty Day!

It's all happening here at Art by Jenny with deliveries of old favourites being restocked, brand new products arriving and itching to be noticed (they would if they were online hey?) and everything generally needing to be done, all at the same time!  Luckily I'm a robot and with a flick of a switch can have it all done in a second, just call me Rosie :) lol As if, but would be so handy some days! That reference will only work if you grew up with The Jetsons as I did...

Thank goodness for computers though! Its much easier to fix something, update a description or add a photo using these marvellous useful machines. Back in the day when everything was managed by posting out catalogues, we'd have to organise a reprint or put stickers over mistakes. Mind you, if we had mailorder catalogues like the do in Harry Potter, then our pictures would be so cool, moving about and no doubt, making a mess by opening their own lids! :) ha ha ha

So, without further chitchat ... here are the latest updates about what is going on in our world of arty crafty treasures. There are brief updates on the PreOrder and What's New shelves as well, with dates so we all know where we are with preorders, deliveries and arrivals.

... Last updated - Friday 13th Sept 2022 ...

Distress Watercolour Pencil News ... First deliveries of Set 1 are sold out (thank you everyone) - and now we're simply waiting for Ranger to make lots more! Hoping for before Christmas but we must wait and see. We do have a few left available of Sets 2 and 3 :) You could always buy set 1 another day.
- Sorry if you've missed out, but it won't be forever. These are not a limited edition product, they're with us forever and ever like all our favourite Distress are. As long as Ranger keep making them that is, but definitely a long time!
- Watch their spaces or add to your wishlist! Sing out if you have questions, thanks for waiting with me! 

Exciting Dylusions News ... Awesome news! Big boxes filled with Dylusions is already on the way across to us with brand new designs of Couture Stencils, colourful Shimmer Paints and large Dotted Black Journals :) Landing inStore very soon :) So exciting! Find them in the PreOrder collection or on Dyan's Dylusions shelf in our shop (links in the menu above).

Dyan's fantastic sets of Dylusions stamps include the purrfectly adorable Mr Boo (Dyan's Cat) having a sleigh ride on a large stamp that is big enough to fit across a whole page! The reindeer and sleigh are split into 2 stamps to enable us to fly around corners or across the middle of a spread easier :) Love it.
With Mr Boo are adorable birds wearing hats and elves (or gnomes or kidlets in dressups), wonderful trees, borders, holly and mistletoe. Perfect companions for all your other favourite stamps, stencils and arty treasures!

Dina Wakley's 4 new stamp sets are an invitation to stamp every day - make cards, stamp in journals, stamp on scraps for another day, any excuse to stamp! Dina's faces make drawing portraits and creating abstract art easy! Love the Circled set :) Colour them in, stamp on gel prints, leave monotone, have fun!

Tim's newest arty treasures ... 
Everything has been arriving a few boxes at a time, and now we have the beautiful Bubble stamp, Botanic Collage, Floral Elements, Eccentric and Mica Spray Stains in the Halloween colours in stock!

Halloween Distress - New Watercolour Pencils, the wonderful black embossed Woodgrain paper and the Mica Crayons are due mid September. We've ordered heaps so you won't miss out if you wish to wait until they arrive before buying :) The gorgeous )Mica Stains are in stock too.

Specimens Thinlits - (latest exciting news, Sunday 28th Aug)
They're here and we have enough for everyone! Click here to buy your set :)
... Another boxful arrived today thanks to our couriers who are so busy, they're working 7 days a week too! I'm so grateful :) Thanks so much to Sizzix for making more :) Use the purple heart to add to a wishlist or bookmark it for later if you're not ready, I'm sure we'll be able to get more once these sell out. Its such a popular awesome set of versatile awesomeness!

Stampers Anonymous - the new designs from Tim's range of Halloween Stamps and Stencils are here inStore looking awesome. Happy Days!

 Idea-Ology - all online and most are inStore! Only the new style of Vignette box left which might be here in October. Everything else is here waiting for their new homes (your craft table cos these are simply itching to be used for making more cards, books, journals, tags, canvases, display makes! Fun!

··· Click here to visit the Halloween collection to find everything and anything related to witches, skulls, cats, bats and drippy candles!

Old Fave Tim Stamps - Stamp Collector, Odds & Ends and Holiday Postmarks are currently in the Shopping Cart webpage, an easy spot to find restocks of favourite treasures! That's the big orange round button at the top of the page (or the tiny link above the shop logo that says 'shopping cart').
- Without wishing the time away, Christmas release starts next month, can't wait to see what Tim has up his sleeves!

Darkroom Door have designed wonderful collage sheets and stencils to use for all kinds of creativity. No timeframe for these yet to be delivered but will happen one day! The collage sheets look beautiful.

Pink Ink Designs have designed more wonderful new stamps, stencils (finally on their way, will get them online soon) and gorgeous colourful jars of Stardust Mica Powders (that work just like watercolour paint but shimmery) for us to buy, share, use and enjoy! Visit the shop Pink Ink Designs shelf to see it all and bookmark it to watch for new arrivals :) More stamps were announced the other day, gorgeous Christmas themed ones featuring a gorilla, mice and other friendly critters... and are on their way across to Oz! I will catch up again this weekend... the gorgilla is so totally cool :)

That little quip about today being brought to you by the letters D D and T should also include D and P ... so triple D T P ... some days are not meant for writing sensible newsletters. While I'm at it, lets add A for Art and Awesome!

Stay well, be crafty and have a creative Happy day!



Remember ... there are no mistakes in art so simply enjoy every creative moment as you splash paint and ink around!

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