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Update 7th August 2018 - The Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat is here! So exciting! Latest info is in the product description :D

Shop News - Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat...
Yes! You read right :) They’re finally back in stock. No dents or bumps this time. They look amazing, no photo does this product justice, they’re so professionally made, shiny, exceptional quality and practical for any art space. 

image of the boxed Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat for sale at Art by JennyWhen the first delivery arrived, I was so relieved that they all arrived safe and sound, even with a big dent in one of the cardboard boxes! The glass mat and its packaging was in perfect condition... only the outer box was damaged. I took so many photos before I opened it, just in case - well, it is glass! Even tempered glass isn't totally completely unbreakable, its just break resistant.

Sion at Tonic Studio did tell me ages ago, that they've been making and sending glass craft mats all around the world for over 10 years with very few incidents, which gave me the confidence to buy :) Thanks Sion!

Click here for more details of the Glass Media Mat

Its what we've all been waiting for since Tim announced it a couple of weeks ago... the Tim Holtz (and Ranger) Alcohol Lift-Ink! Now a regular product :)

Just arrived - Tim Holtz Lift-Ink - be one of the first in Australia to use this magical ink

How to use...
- Colour non-porous surface with Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink (sold separately), let dry completely.
- Ink your rubber or clear stamp with Lift-Ink and stamp (press, print) directly onto the coloured surface.
- Immediately blot stamped image (coloured surface) and wipe with soft dry cloth to reveal the lifted image.
- Press the rubber or clear stamp (that is now coated with colourful ink from the glossy surface) onto your other surface to transfer the image.
- Clean stamp with all purpose non-toxic cleaner.
- Refill the ink pad with reinker as needed.

Most Important...
- Experiment and have lots of fun seeing how you can use this amazing new ink!
- Imagine - colourful text and rainbow outlines... oh my! What will Tim dream up next :D
- Don't forget to show off your beautiful colourful creations!
- What tag shall we use to share? What about #TimHoltzLiftInk - pretty basic but easy to remember!

Other shop news...
In other news... just as exciting is the arrival of Dylusions Shimmer Sprays! Ok, so all new treasures excite me, but wait until you see these. If you'd like a sample, let me know. I'll spray a bit of the gorgeous mica saturated ink on my fave papers and send it with your next order. Then you can see it in all this shimmery glory!

The last few weeks, I've been including with your order, samples of butterflies from the Tim Holtz Stamps Flutter By. These are best coloured using a solvent based marker like Copics or Chameleon Pens, pastels, crayons or pencils. Using watercolours or Mermaid Markers will make the outline blurry!

Strathmore Mixed Media Paper, Heavy Weight, with a link to buyWhat else arrived recently... it'll come to me in a minute! lol I'm most grateful for this life where new treasures arrive every week - usually its a box filled with more of our faves but also brand new items! Ooooh! I know! (and this wasn't edited either... I'm typing as I think! lol ) - Anyway... Strathmore have been creating new variations of their Mixed Media Paper Range.

Newest to arrive is a very thick, Heavy-weight Mixed Media Paper.

They've also developed grey, tan and blue mixed media paper that can be ordered whenever you need it.

Yupo have a new paper too... Heavy Yupo! Its just like the white and translucent but feels less plasticy. So now there are 4 types of packaging for Yupo in my shop - Tim Holtz (who's bringing out relabelled Heavy under his brand), blue (translucent), orange (white, medium weight) and purple (white, heavy weight). Its thick, sturdy and feels amazing - I can't wait to try it!

image of Yupo by Tim Holtz and Legion Paper with a link to buy from Art by Jenny in Australia

Click here to see all the new arrivals!

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Happy Creative Day!

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