Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley

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This category is dedicated to the one and only incredibly talented and amazing Dyan Reaveley, designer of Dylusions! What an inspiration :)

Check out all the awesome arty crafty goodness that is Dylusions - Stamps and Stencils, Paint Pens and Tools, Books and Journals, Collage and Colouring Sheets, Sticker Books, Planner Stamps, Dyalog and planner accessories, ink sprays and acrylic paints and more! Its an inspirational collection of wonderful, bold, bright and unique products to use every day!

Arty Update - 21 Sept 2021 ... Dyan Reaveley has designed and released 11 (eleven) new stencils for us to use in our journals, cards and artworks. Designs include the Grandkids (minis of Edith and Otis), Behave (variety of hexies), Tropics (the gorgeous flowery one), Blocking (multiple boxes) and more! All versatile and work beautifully with all our other favourites. A 'Love it All' bundle for 1 of each is only $120 plus free postage - all online to buy in advance or watch their spaces :) Did I mention they're arriving this week? How exciting!

Fresh boxes of Dylusions Arty Treasures arrive every week :) So grateful every day! Thank you for your patience :) If you can't find something, sing out anytime.