Dylusions Ink Spray - Any 1 Colour - Choose Your Own

Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley


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1 (one) Colour of Dylusions Ink Spray - by Dyan Reaveley. Choose from all 30 colours in this beautiful range of vibrant spray inks by Ranger.

This set of ink sprays includes any 1 (one) colour from the beautiful Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley Ink Spray collection. 

Don't forget to send me a message after you order with your colour choices. List of colours is below. Msg me if you have questions :) Jenny. 

Choose from these Dylusions Ink Spray Colours:
Please note
- some colours are temporarily out of stock until late July - as soon as Ranger can make us some more. Sorry for any inconvenience!
Out of stock ones are marked with these spots  *** next to their name. 
Please let me know if you're happy to wait or if not, choose colours that are in stock. I'll try and keep this list updated. Thank you :)

- Balmy Night (blue-grey)
- Blue Lagoon (aqua)
- Desert Sand (sandy tan, light brown)
- Fiery Sunset (warm red)
- Island Parrot (bright lime green)
- Pink Flamingo (hot pink)  ***
- Calypso Teal (bright blue)  ***
- Vibrant Turquoise (blue-green, like the sea)
- London Blue (sky blue)  ***
- Periwinkle Blue (pastel blue with a hint of purple)  ***
- After Midnight (dark blue)  ***
- Mushy Peas (bright light green)
- Fresh Lime (bright green)
- Dirty Martini (medium green)
- Cut Grass (bright green)
- Polished Jade (blue-green)
- Chopped Pesto (dark olive green)  ***
- Lemon Zest (light bright yellow)  ***
- Vanilla Custard (pale warm yellow)
- Pure Sunshine (golden yellow)  ***
- Tangerine Dream (dark orange)  ***
- Squeezed Orange (bright orange)  ***
- Laidback Lilac (light purple)  ***
- Crushed Grape (vibrant purple)  ***
- Postbox Red (bright red, scarlet, rouge)  ***
- Cherry Pie (warm red)
- Pomegranate Seed (very dark red)  ***
- Melted Chocolate (medium brown)  ***
- Ground Coffee (very dark brown)  ***
- Rose Quartz (pale cool pink)
- Funky Fuchsia (dark hot pink)
- Bubblegum pInk (bright pink)  ***
- Peony Blush (light warm pink)
- White Linen (fresh, clean white)
- Slate Grey (neutral gray)
- Black Marble (black)

About the Ink Sprays...
Designed to meet Dyan Reaveley's specifications for art journaling, these watersoluble, dye based inks are easily blendable and dry to a matte finish. Easy to use for creating backgrounds or adding colour to stamped images, these wonderful inks will add beautiful colours to your art.

To use... Spray onto your surface to create beautiful vibrant backgrounds. Mist the paper with water first for even more blendability. Spray onto your craft mat or paint palette for using a paint brush or dip a brush into the bottle - great for colouring stamps. 

Designed to be used with Dylusions Mixed Media Paper (sold separately in a variety of sizes) as well as most porous surfaces, paper, glossy cardstock, Yupo, other mixed media paper, canvas sheets, card and watercolour paper.

Tips... Have fun with various colour combinations to make fabulous ombre or blended backgrounds. Spray the page with White Linen first, then a colour to create fresh pastels. Spray with any colour, then cover with Black Marble (and blot off again) to create dark rustic colours.

Once dry, the painted surface accepts all types of writing inks without clogging up the tips of most markers. Its recommended to wait at least 12 to 24 hours for inks to dry properly before writing or doodling over the top of any painted surface, whether watercolours or acrylic.

Dylusions water-soluble dye based ink is perfect for filling empty waterbrushes (sold separately) to make your own paint pens for colouring. The perfect way to take your favourite inks everywhere you go! These inks (not White Linen or Shimmer Sprays) are great for using with dip pens and fountain pens too.

Remember that Dylusions Inks will wash out and are not permanent. Like most watercolours, they remain water-soluble (water reactive) even after heat setting and being dry for long periods of time.

Please note : If your sprayer appears blocked, press and hold the sprayer down for up to 15 seconds. This will let out any air bubbles that appear from shaking the bottle. White Linen is the only bottle that has pigment powder so is the only bottle that needs to be mixed - but swirl, don't shake! Store White Linen on its side so it doesn't gather pigment powder near the end of the straw. Spare sprayer lids are available if you need them (or keep your empties).

Pack of 1 bottle of Dylusions Ink Spray in the colour of your choice.
Acid free and non-toxic.
Each bottle contains 2 fluid ounces (59ml) of ink and has a fine misting spray nozzle.