Dina Wakley MEdia - Brush - Long Handled with Round Stiff Bristles - 1 Piece

Dina Wakley MEdia


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Paint Brush - Round (no.24) ... by Dina Wakley MEdia. 1 (one) long handled round paintbrush, no.24 (5/8" wide, stiff bristles) for mixed media, painting, visual arts.

Dina Wakley MEdia long stiff-bristled large round shaped paint brush with shaped point is ideal for painting, blending, applying mediums and mark making in visual arts, journaling, abstract artwork, mixed media and other crafty adventures in art.

Large round brushes are ideal for large areas, mark making, thick linework, abstract patterns, blending backgrounds, applying paint, gesso, texture pastes, mediums and dry brushing techniques.

The long wooden handles are durable, well balanced, easy to hold. Each white brush is marked clearly with its size and dipped on the ends in different colours for easy identification. Each paintbrush has silver coloured, rust resistant metal ferrules to shape and hold the synthetic bristles. The bristles are stiff yet flexible for maximum control.

Brush sizes (approx) : no.24 (5/8" wide) 27.5cm long (11").
This package contains 1 (one) brush. 

Made by Ranger for Dina Wakley MEdia.