Dina Wakley MEdia - Glazing Medium - 29ml Bottle with Fine Tip

Dina Wakley MEdia


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Glazing Medium - Dina Wakley MEdia ... matte gel for extending paint open time. 1 (one) bottle with  a fine tip nozzle, 1 fl oz (29ml). Made by Ranger. 

Ranger's Dina Wakley MEdia Glazing Medium is a smooth slow drying creamy medium which can be used with acrylic paint to extend the open time, to enable the paint to be wet and blendable for longer. It dries flexible, matte and clear.

Glazing Medium can be used to increase paint transparency to create interesting layered effects and colour combinations. Simply more medium than paint to make a tinted medium, adding more spots of paint to increase the depth, colour and opacity.

Versatile to use for all kinds of visual arts, crafts, collage, paintings, journaling, scrapbooking and mixed media projects.

Mix the Glazing Medium with acrylic or watercolour paint on a palette, craft mat, directly on your work, using a spatula or paint brush. It can also be applied with a palette knife, blending tools, fingers or silicon art tool.

Cleans up with soap and water when wet. Best to clean off craft mats before it is cured, however it should peel or scrape off Ranger's brown mat and Tim's glass mat easy enough if it is left to dry.

Acid free and non-toxic.

Pack contains - 1 (one) bottle with  a fine tip nozzle, 1 fl oz (29ml). Made by Ranger.