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Tim Holtz - Distress

Distress Tiny Blending Tool - 20mm wide - 2 Wooden Handles - 4 Domed Foam Pads

Distress Tiny Blending Tool - 20mm wide - 2 Wooden Handles - 4 Domed Foam Pads

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Tiny Blending Tools, Distress ... by Tim Holtz and Ranger - Little ergonomic wooden handles with hook-loop fastening system to use with Ranger Tiny Domed Blending Foams (also available, sold separately). Pack contains 2 handles and 4 tiny domed foams. Size : round pads are 3/4" (20mm) wide x 3/8" (8mm) thick.

The Ranger Distress Tiny Blending Tool is small however it is easy to hold, as a smooth finish and is well balanced for use. The wooden handle has a flat base with a hook/loop fastening disc which is used to attach the tiny round foam pads (refills, replacement foams are also available, sold separately).

The tiny round foam pads are made of thick dense white sponge, 3/4" (20mm) wide x 3/8" (8mm) thick.

Use for all your crafting needs, to blend and apply ink and or paint onto surfaces, through stencils, over stamps, onto embellishments. Use with all kinds of visual arts projects including cardmaking, scrapbooking, papercrafts, off the page makes, painting, mixed media, collage and journaling. 

Pack of 2 (two) small wooden tools and 4 (four) round replacement foam pads.

Perfect for small projects, around edges, through detailed stencils and more.

Washable - Use one foam per colour (and store on your colour chart) or wash a few after each crafty session, simply with soap and water. Some colours will blend off the foams, while others stick around. I have multiple foams, and keep one for blacks and dark browns (which is never washed!). When using with acrylic paints, its best to wash them before the paint dries!

Storage Ideas for the Foams...
- place another piece of Velcro to the back of your ink pads to hold a foam for each colour.
- Just like their larger cousins (the 1" sized foams), I keep them together in a bowl on my table ... I use 1 foam for a variety of colours ... 1 for yellow inks, 1 for light blues, 1 for dark blues, 1 for black/browns, etc.
- store inside one of Ranger's metal storage tins (available, sold separately).
- make a chart of all Distress colours, attach a piece of Velcro to each swatch spot and keep the foams in clear view! Some laminate their charts before attaching the fastener dot.
... These are just some ideas! I'm sure there are dozens of ways. Happy creating!

Made by Ranger and Tim Holtz for the Distress Range. Often seen being used by Tim Holtz, Dyan Reaveley and myself, Art by Jenny.

Comparison photo is of Tim Holtz holding the Tiny Blending Tool (left) and the Mini Blending Tool (right), showing size differences. All Tim Holtz Tools available at Art by Jenny in Australia. The larger tool is not included, all measurements are approximate, this is a guide only. Original photo is from the Scorched Timber video (Jan 2024) at

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