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Finnabair Art Alchemy - Wax - 20ml Tube - Any 1 Colour

Finnabair Art Alchemy - Wax - 20ml Tube - Any 1 Colour

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Wax ... Finnabair Art Alchemy by Prima Marketing - Creamy bees wax based mixed media medium for adding metallic, matte, antiqued and opalescent finishes to off-the-page models, home decor, sculpture, papercrafts, mixed media and visual arts. Each tube contains 20ml of wax, clear is a 50ml tube.

Finnabair Wax is a beautiful, creamy, beeswax-based paste which dries to a permanent finish on most surfaces. Apply wax to your artwork, home decor, furniture and other sculptured creation.

Finnabair Wax is available in beautiful colours of Antiquing Brilliance, Antiquing, Metallique, Matte and Opal Magic. Each of these kinds of wax gives a different result while adding amazing, rich, metal-like finish to porous surfaces, papers, fabrics and elements, turning your artwork into a much loved heirloom!

To use Finnabair Wax ...
Start with a dried and clean surface. Apply a dab of wax with your finger, a sponge, soft piece of fabric or a stencil brush (round, stiff bristle brush). Work gently to rub in and around your elements and leave to cure for an hour. You may wish to buff the finished layer afterwards for extra shine.

To apply wax to a non-porous surfaces and elements like metal embellishments, brooches, beads, glass and plastics, seal your work first with a thin application of good quality gesso (either clear, white or black). Black gesso is ideal when using Metalliques and Opal Magic.

Antique Brilliance
... metallic shine in rich colours with opaque coverage.
- Amethyst Magic (deep purple)
- Lucky Emerald (medium green)
- Mystic Turquoise (brilliant blue)

... natural aged and stained effects to give weathered looks to your project. Best used on light surfaces to create vintage looking artwork.
- Ash Grey (natural dark blue-grey)
Mahogany (darkest red)
Sepia (dark brown)
- Soot (natural cool black)

Clear (transparent, is a 50ml tube)
... use the clear to thin down other colours for more translucent effect or use as a sealer or resist. 

... opaque colours with a metallic finish without the shine.
Charcoal Black (darkest grey, neutral black)
Faded Denim (medium blue)
French Lavender (mid cool purple)
Ochre (yellow-brown)
Old White (natural white)
- Rusty Brown (medium to dark brown)
Rusty Red (medium to dark red)
Sage Leaves (medium blue-green)
- Stained Wood (dark brown)

... rich vibrant colours with a shiny, gloss metallic finish.
- Bronze Age (dark red-brown gold)
Brushed Iron (warm mid grey)
- Indian Pink (warm deep pink)
- Vintage Gold (yellow antique gold)

Opal Magic 
... magical iridescent multi-toned colours with a shiny satin finish. Colourful slight shimmer on dark surfaces, while pale pearlescent tones on white or light surfaces. 
Royal Robes (vibrant purple)
Turquoise Satin (vibrant medium blue)
Vintage Silk (neutral pale brown). 

Finnabair Wax is non toxic. 
Permanent on porous surfaces and elements.
Water resistant once dried.
Wash all tools and hands in soapy water.
Ideally, store below 86F or 32C.

Each 20ml (.68 fl oz) tube is approx 10.7cm long with a 30mm crimped end and screwtop lid. The clear wax is 14cm long and holds 50ml (1.69 fl oz).

Separation is natural ...
- As with any products manufactured using oils, some separation may occur (in the tube). Many factors can cause separation of pigments, binders and oils. This is not a defect and is easily remedied.
To fix - Simply squeeze out a small portion (pea sized amount) onto your palette and use a spatula or palette knife to mix together, to recombine the ingredients. Once the wax is blended again, it is ready to use.

Originally manufactured in little tubs, these convenient tubes of wonderful colourful wax medium have a pretty aromatic perfume (that should fade when used on the project, similar to oil paints). 

All images shown are a photograph of the tube within the packaging. The colours are a representation of their tones, and may appear differently on various screens and devices.

Finnabair Wax, made by Prima Marketing Inc.

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