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Princeton Art Brushes

Princeton Select Paint Brush - Angular Shader - 9mm wide

Princeton Select Paint Brush - Angular Shader - 9mm wide

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Angular Shader Paint Brush, 3/8" wide - Princeton Select ... durable high quality all media paintbrush to use for decorating, painting, papercrafts, mixed media, creating all kinds of visual arts. One brush with blue wooden handle, silver ferrules, flat brush with a diagonal smooth tip, made of synthetic bristles, 3/8 inch wide (3/8" or 9mm).

Angled brushes are fantastic for blending, shaping faces, petals or leaves, painting fine and thick lines, painting a varied fine and thick line, filling in areas, tipping into small areas... its such a great shape for a brush.

Princeton 'Select' brushes are an excellent all rounder brush for every day. They are perfect for acrylic paints, mediums, stains, inks, watercolour paints, pencils, pastels and crayons as well as gouache and oil paints. With pretty jewel-tone blue coloured wooden handles and silver rust resistant metal ferrules, this brush has high quality bristles made of synthetic blends. The handle is imprinted in white with the brush type and size for easy identification. 

These are great brushes for everyone, beginners and skilled artists - Princeton Select brushes are an "all media" tool, perfect for every arty crafty moment! Use for all kinds of arty excuses like painting, colouring stamps, making mixed media, journaling, scrapbooking, brush lettering, card making, altering books, creating abstract art, painting a magical scene, all kinds of art.

This package contains 1 (one) paint brush, approx 7 5/8" long.

Made by the Princeton Artist Brush Company.

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