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Tim Holtz - Distress

Tim Holtz Distress Crayons - 3 Colours - Set 14

Tim Holtz Distress Crayons - 3 Colours - Set 14

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Distress Crayons - Set 14 ... by Tim Holtz. 3 (three) colours (Villainous Potion, Saltwater Taffy, Uncharted Mariner) of aquarelle pastels, watersoluble crayons in a twist-style barrel / holder with lid. One of each colour. 

Colours in this set are :
- Villainous Potion (darkest purple)
- Saltwater Taffy (light peachy pink)
- Uncharted Mariner (dark turquoise). 

Tim Holtz Distress Crayons are a water-reactive watersoluble semi-soft pastel (a watercolour crayon). They are formulated to achieve vibrant colourful effects on most surfaces (including cardstock, Idea-Ology embellishments, stone, Yupo and textiles) for mixed media and visual arts. The smooth pigments are ideal for highlighting crazed lines in dried crackle medium, enhancing metal Idea-Ology pieces, creating backgrounds, watercoloring, colouring, stamping, smudge effects and more!

One way to use Distress Crayons is to colour directly onto your surface (or gel printing plate), and then either rub with your finger to blend the crayon. To blend even easier, spray the crayon markings with water and then rub to blend.

Another way is to colour directly onto your craft mat then blend with water using a waterbrush or paint brush. This creates a puddle of Crayon Paint :)
To use this puddle of colour ... Swipe or press your paper through (as we do with Distress Inks) or use your favourite art tools to pick up the colour - paint brush, finger, ink blending tool, gel printing plate, rubber stamp, brayer (roller) or other marking tools.

Use like a wax and rub crayon directly onto your off-the-page model or embossed raised surfaces to darken or highlight areas. It will cure after a few days unless it it is re-wet. Use Distress Crayons with all your favourite Distress Texture Pastes, Mediums, Inks, Sprays, Ink Pads, Stains and Paints. Have fun!

Pack contains 3 (three) Distress Crayons...
- one of each colour
- twist opening container with lid
- handy storage pouch
- Water reactive pigments
- Acid free
- Non toxic

Distress Crayons are available and sold separately in sets, in most Distress Colours including 3 (three) metallic colours. All work beautifully with the whole Distress range (and available at Art by Jenny).

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··· Download colour charts and swatch sheets here ···

Pack contains 3 (three) Distress Crayons in a handy clear wallet in Villainous Potion, Saltwater Taffy, Uncharted Mariner.

Made by Ranger, designed by Tim Holtz.

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