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Tim Holtz - Distress

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Spray Stain - Any 1 Colour - NEW!

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Spray Stain - Any 1 Colour - NEW!

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Distress Spray Stain ... choose any 1 (one) colour - by Tim Holtz, Ranger. Bottles of Distress Ink with a fine mister, sprayer nozzle (1.9 fl oz) for creative blended backgrounds, marbling effects, abstract art.

Use Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stains for quick and easy colourful coverage on porous surfaces (fabric, ribbons, papers, chipboard, wood). Spray through stencils, layer colours, spritz or flick with water and watch the colours mix and blend. Fantastic for all kinds of visual arts including cardmaking, scrapbooking, mixed media and journaling.

To see which colours are in stock, scroll down for the list or contact me.

... click here to see all the Distress Treasures ...

How to Order ...
Simply send me a message with or after you order with your colour choices or reply to your order confirmation.
 Copy and paste from the list (scroll down) to save typing.
Choosing colours this way saves so much time, rather than wander about a website looking for each one, you have them here all in one place so you can see at a glance what is in stock.

If you need a printed colour chart, let me know and I'll pop one in your order or download your own here.  

Choose from all the Distress Spray Stain Colours ...
Please note
 : If you choose any out of stock, I'll contact you to discuss options. Please let me know if you're happy to wait or choose a different colour. Thank you :)
- the names in this list are in alphabetical order while the images are in rainbow order, plus individual images for each new colour in the collection.
- those temporarily not on the shelf are marked ... ^_^ Out of Stock.

Choose from these newest Distress colours...
- Speckled Egg (shabby vintage pale blue)
- Crackling Campfire (dark fiery orange)
- Rustic Wilderness (deep green)
- Kitsch Flamingo (pretty pink)
- Salvaged Patina (greeny-blue)
- Prize Ribbon (beautiful mid blue)
- Villainous Potion (dark purple)
- Saltwater Taffy (light peachy pink)
- Uncharted Mariner (dark turquoise)
- Lumberjack Plaid (cherry red)
- Lost Shadow (palest cool grey)
- Scorched Timber (deep dark brown) . NEW!

The original Distress Colours in alphabetical order...
- Abandoned Coral (peachy-pink)
- Aged Mahogany (dark deep red)
- Antique Linen (light vintage cream)
- Barn Door (red, scarlet)
- Black Soot (charcoal black)
- Blueprint Sketch (medium blue)
- Broken China (light bright blue)
- Brushed Corduroy (earthy mid brown)
- Bundled Sage (light olive green)
- Candied Apple (bright red)
- Carved Pumpkin (bright orange)
- Chipped Sapphire (very dark blue)
- Cracked Pistachio (fresh blue-green)
- Crushed Olive (yellow-green)
- Dried Marigold (peachy orange)
- Dusty Concord (purple)
- Evergreen Bough (green with a hint of blue)
- Faded Jeans (denim blue)
- Festive Berries (bright red, pink base)
- Fired Brick (rustic red)
- Forest Moss (dark pine green)
- Fossilized Amber (earthy yellow, ochre)
- Frayed Burlap (light brown-ish) ... ^_* Out of Stock
- Gathered Twigs (mid natural brown)
- Ground Espresso (very dark coffee brown)
- Hickory Smoke (warm, mid grey)
- Iced Spruce (light blue-green)
- Lucky Clover (mid green)
- Mermaid Lagoon (medium bright blue)
- Milled Lavender (pale purple)
- Mowed Lawn (bright grass green)
- Mustard Seed (golden yellow)
- Old Paper (pale beige with a hint of green)
- Peacock Feathers (turquoise)
- Peeled Paint (earthy green) 
- Picked Raspberry (dark bright pink)
- Picket Fence (white, pigment based ink)
- Pine Needles (dark blue-green)
- Pumice Stone (warm grey)
- Ripe Persimmon (dark orange)
- Rusty Hinge (golden brown)
- Salty Ocean (bright light blue)
- Scattered Straw (pale earthy yellow)
- Seedless Preserves (reddish purple, dark magenta)
- Shabby Shutters (pale green)
- Shaded Lilac (medium purple, blue base)
- Spiced Marmalade (orange)
- Spun Sugar (pale pink)
- Squeezed Lemonade (lemon yellow)
- Stormy Sky (medium blue) ... ^_* Out of Stock
- Tattered Rose (pale pink, peach base)
- Tea Dye (pale reddish brown)
- Tumbled Glass (aqua blue)
- Twisted Citron (lime green)
- Victorian Velvet (earthy red purple)
- Vintage Photo (brown, sepia base)
- Walnut Stain (dark brown)
- Weathered Wood (dusky grey-blue)
- Wild Honey (golden dark yellow) 

- Wilted Violet (vibrant purple) 
- Worn Lipstick (bright pink)

- Metallic Antiqued Bronze (bronze)
- Metallic Brushed Pewter (silver)
- Metallic Tarnished Brass (gold)


About the Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stains ... these fantastic ink sprays have the same water reactive formula as the rest of the Distress Ink range that we all love to use every day! Available in all colours of the Distress Ink range including Picket Fence (white) and the three beautiful metallics (Tarnished Brass, Brushed Pewter and Antique Bronze).

Distress Spray Stains feature a quality mist sprayer in a 1.9 fl oz bottle that can be used to spray a fine mist or a spatter.

- Ideal for backgrounds, stencils and masks
- one 1.9 fl oz bottle with fine mist sprayer
- Waterbased dye ink
- non toxic, acid free.
- permanent on porous surfaces

Price is for : 1 (one) Distress Spray Stain of your choice. Each bottle holds 1.9fl oz (57ml) with a easy to use spray nozzle.

Tips ...
- Swirl don't shake - shaking creates bubbles that can get stuck in the straw of the sprayer. If this happens, try to hold the sprayer down for 30 seconds as it might help to release the bubbles.
- To ensure sprayers last a long time, wipe off the nozzle after every art session, especially with the white (the powdered pigment in the white can dry on the nozzle, potentially blocking it, so wipe clean every time). 
- For metallics, oxides and the white, Tim recommends to pump water through the sprayer after use as a precaution.
- It helps ensure the inks and pigments don't dry inside the valve. Spare sprayers are available if you don't have a spare or empty bottle.

The swatches in the photo are a representation of each colour and different devices may alter their appearance.

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