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Tim Holtz Thinlits Colorize Dies by Sizzix - Bernice the Hippo

Tim Holtz Thinlits Colorize Dies by Sizzix - Bernice the Hippo

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Bernice the Hippo ... Colorize Thinlits - Die Cutting Templates by Tim Holtz and Sizzix (no. 665366).

Tim Holtz's Colorize Thinlits are an amazing way to cut out and make characters in multiple colours and layers of dimension, quickly and easily!

This beautiful hippopotamus named Bernice (but could easily be Bernard or Bruce or Daisy the Cow), is waiting for you to be creative ... Dress her up (or him, sounds like a comedy duo), anyway, dress her up and add her to cards, journal pages, scrapbooking memories and other artwork. Disney is the perfect inspiration for dancing hippos or making paper puddles for them to swim in. The Tim Holtz Addicts group in Facebook and Pinterest have so many ideas for Tim's Sizzix designs. Have fun!

About Colorize Thinlits...
This set of die cutting templates uses the intricate yet simple Colorize technology from Tim Holtz that takes the guesswork out of creating multiple layers. This Thinlits Die Set is a detailed paper-layering project which enables you to create more dimensional and professional designs than ever before!

Each base shape has crease blades identifying where to place layers, before adding your mid-tone and highlight dies. Each element is labelled to take the guess work out of placing shades, enabling you to create amazing multi-faceted layered artwork easier than ever before.

This set contains 7 templates.
Overall Sizes : 1/8" x 1/8" to 5 1/4" x 3 1/2".

Imagine adding many layers into your project that give the appearance that you've spent hours fussy cutting with scissors. That's what Thinlits can do :)
Handy Tip : layer a sheet of double sided adhesive to the back of your white mixed media or watercolour cardstock before cutting out. Then simply colour each piece. Alternatively, cut them out of coloured paper. The adhesive backing saves heaps of time when placing all the pieces.

Thinlits die cutting templates are wafer thin, chemically etched, metal templates designed to cut, emboss or stencil a single sheet of cardstock, paper, fine metallic foil or vellum.

Because of their intricate details, Thinlits may require up to three passes to cut. If extra help is needed for easier separation of the die-cut shape from the template, place wax paper between the Thinlits die and your material and then roll through your preferred machine.

Use with any Sizzix die cutting and embossing machines (eg, all Big Shots, Foldaway, Express and Vagabond) and is compatible with most hand-turned machines (eg, Cuttlebug or Spellbinders) but not the Sizzix Sidekick. Check with your machine for which plates to use. All machines sold separately!

Thinlits are also able to emboss when combined with an Impressions Pad and Silicone Rubber sheet (it presses rather than cuts due to the less pressure). Try misting the paper lightly with water for a deeper impression.
To stencil, trace around the shapes with pen, pencil or ink. Apply ink to the die cutting edges to print and emboss at the same time.

This set includes a handy plastic storage envelope. For easy identification, slip the printed label into the envelope with the dies.

Designed by Tim Holtz and manufactured by Sizzix.

Sizzix product number 665366.

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