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Willow Wolfe

Willow Wolfe Paint Brush Set - Amavi Set 6 - Assorted - 4 Brushes - NEW!

Willow Wolfe Paint Brush Set - Amavi Set 6 - Assorted - 4 Brushes - NEW!

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Amavi Set 6, All Media Brushes - Liner, Round, Filbert, Flat ... by Willow Wolfe ... versatile and durable paintbrushes to use with all kinds of acrylic paints, watercolours, gouache and inks for mixed media, painting, stamping, creating art. Set of 4 (four) - no.1 Liner, no.3 Round, no.4 Filbert, no.10 Flat Shader - one of each kind.

These are fantastic brushes for beginners and skilled artists alike - they are "all media brushes", perfect for every creative moment! Use with your acrylic paints, mediums, gouache paint, inks, watercolour paints and watersoluble pencils, pastels and crayons. Each brush has a different shape to make a variety of effects in mixed media, journaling, scrapbooking, card making, hand lettering, abstract art, landscape and scenic art, all kinds of art.

Brushes in this set are ...
- Size 1 Liner - has a very fine point for intricately detailed line work and precise applications with controlled flow, great for folk art painting, lettering, adding highlights, scrollwork, working in tiny areas.
- Size 3 Round - has a medium sized elongated point for precise applications and controlled flow, great for petals, leaves, line work, lettering, highlighting, adding details.
- Size 4 Filbert - is a flat 4mm wide brush with an oval shape at the tip, tapered to a chisel edge, great for basecoating, backgrounds, mark making, curved or round areas, long smooth strokes, blending colours.
- Size 10 Flat Shader - has 10mm wide medium length bristles, slightly tapered toward the tip. It springs back to shape when bent gently, creating broad strokes on the flat area or a fine line when using the tip or chisel edge.

Willow Wolfe artist brushes in the Amavi series of all rounder brushes have blue medium length wooden handles and silver rust resistant metal ferrules, holding high quality bristles made of synthetic blends. Each handle is imprinted clearly with the brush type and size for easy identification. 

This package contains 4 (four) paint brushes, each approx 18cm to 19cm (7 to 7 1/2 inches) long, one of each kind as listed above.

Designed by Willow Wolfe, the Amavi series of brushes to awaken the artist and embrace creativity.

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